Parallel to the rapid development of the evolving technology world today, we believe that flexible yet focused range of products produced must come hand-in-hand with dignified results. Below are the list of current area of interest that we are experts at. The list does not end here as we are constantly looking for more challenging and out of the world ideas to work on.  


IT Consultation

  • Before the rise of mobile applications in recent years, our expertise lied within the Information Technology (IT) field where we successfully dabbled in the development of software such as websites, integrated tools for inventory management and many others. Having a team of multi-talented developers and programmers have provided us with a solid foundation which we have utilized to the utmost to provide our clients with the best solutions for all their business needs. Having doubts with any IT-related enquiries, we're the doctors you should consult. Do not hesitate to drop us a message if you want to meet up for the Consultation.


Native App Development

  • In this era of invading smartphones and tablets, it is unprecedented that mobile applications are the current big thing. As the notion came along, we went with it instead of being a cast aside - we took on the challenge. With the current expand and growth of the available app markets out there, the world is definitely in demand of more apps.  The downfall to this growing phenomena is that most of the application look the same. We avoid this turmoil. At Harvest Camasu, our passion is to develop native application. From inside to outside, your application is one of a kind, developed as an overall native application, just for you.


Web Development

  • In today's amazing race, it is truely undeniable that web application still stand as one of the strongest pillar to most business organization's success. Talking about web application development for businesses, we are the 'pros' that you should look out for. We're doing best at e-commerce web applications , specifically mastered at a range of Content Management System(CMS). It is no doubt for you to get back to us if you need a highly customized web application for your business needs.


Social Marketing Management

  • With accurately targeted campaigns and well-defined objectives, we effectively churn out content after content that are not only able to properly represent the voice, presence and identity of a business but also to sustain it. This is only achievable as we employ a bright team of professionals who are able to listen and take up a hands on approach, which in turn enables them to provide keen insight and analysis to engage any matter and situation at hand.


Creative App Design

  • Creativity, application, design. This will be made possible as we boast of an ever lively workforce capable of breathing life into their ideas and imagination in a pro-active environment where we firmly believe in the freedom of expression and the limitless potential that comes with it. Understanding that mobile application development is common nowadays, we are accustomed to customization, particularly and specially for your business needs. We cater to all your business needs and requirements. You name it, we develop it. 


Even in the event that none of the above fits in with your business requirements or needs, do not be shy to contact us for more information and in-depth discussion. We welcome any ridiculous and insane ideas. We are ever ready to listen!