Things in life are full of colors. Imagine if things were without colors. What is more than colors are the combination of the artwork itself including the other compositions involved. Without design, there is for sure lack of something in the thing we produce; which is feel. With design, the feel and the perception of thoughts on how we think and see about a piece of work is totally different. The impact of design on any subject plays an important role to almost any relevant aspect.


Augmented Reality

Ever heard of augmented reality? To put it to simple words, we're living in a reality world. We take stuffs from the real world and map it onto the digital world. We capture the image from reality and map it onto digital space. With this, we can bring augment reality in our customized digital space, without altering or changing the real object. With our augmented reality technology, we bring you whole new level of interaction. With this technology, you may enhance your daily business process or helping your clients to be more interactive.

Creative Design

Designs are design if it is just a piece of design. Think of creativity applied into deisign. At Harvest Camasu, our designers are like professional chef and cook. We are good at mixing C,R,E,A,T,I,V and E with Design. We tend to be different from others, unique from the rest and be one of a kind. At Harvest, you may find the utmost creative design we can offer you.

3D Interactive Design

In designs, we have many different types of layouts. Layouts may varies in dimension, a form of representation of the displayed layout. Forget about the old days, the 2D era. We're in the modern days. Being said such, we offer 3D design services as well. 3D means 3-dimension, somewhat realizing digital representations into real world representations. This makes the whole experience more interactive and applicable.