Affiliated Programe


Join us on our affiliate program and earn a commission on all qualifying visit and sales.The affiliate blog and resource site provide an easy way for partners to stay up to date and learn more about advanced tools such as the Search API. We suggests our partners to bookmark this site and subscribe to blog updates via RSS.


Program Benefits

  • Make Money: As an affiliate, you can earn commissions on all qualifying revenue generated by linking to our portals.
  • Enhance Your Website and App: In addition, you can add valuable and compelling content to your site or app and make it easy for your customers to find more contents.
  • Stay in the Know: Our affiliate resource website will keep you up to date on new tools, special promotions, and more.


Types of Links

  • Link Maker: The Link Maker tool allows you to create affiliate links to most content.
  • Color Banners: Use color artwork to promote content on the website.
  • Video windows: With frame of 150 x 150 pixel video clip or animation exchange.


It’s Easy to Join

  • Just write to us and we will tell you how-to .
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.