New Eggs : Venture Capitalist Program

Applicants : University / College Students

Don't hide yourself, let us grow our dreams together!



We are an active venture capital firm that specializes in inverstments of early-stage software and information technology companies.

We seek entrepreneurs with the experience, energy, vision and desire to build great companies. We seek and accept executive summaries, business plans and complete resumes of management from all entrepreneurs.

We meet with the entrepreneurs, attempt to identify key traits that have been associated with entrepreneurial success in the past, such as high energy, a must-win attitude, unusual creativity, high personal integrity, relevant experience, strong work ethic, and an ability to prioritize and focus. We have developed the following preferences:

  • A team who is extremely motivated to bring success to both self and company. They must be well qualified to take on the challenges that await and work together as a team at all times.
  • A product or service which possess some unique and never-before-seen feature that may lead to the creation of a profitable company.
  • A company which can defend its position in its own market and industry once established.

The objective here is to be an active participant and to add value to its investments whenever possible. Appropriately, we will provide advice on issues such as strategy, organization, recruiting, and raising capital.