Looking for a place to learn more new things and experience the unexperienced? We don't offer you jobs, we offer caeer. Look out for highly professional career in the highly specialized fields of software engineering, business development, media & publicity, public relations and graphic design .This here is the right place, where we fully appreciate your talent and passion. Join us and build your careers with Harvest Camasu today!

Openings for the below positions (full time & internship) are available; all you have to do is reach out to us!


Software Engineering

  • Consider yourself a coding guru or programming sifu? Quench your thirst for a higher level of difficulty by taking up the challenging jobs that we often partake in!

Business Development

  • Possess an acute sensitivity and finesse when it comes to dealings of the Ringgit and currency market in general? Here's where you may really be tested!

Media & Publicity

  • Share our belief that with the right approach, visual media can be the key to generating mass awareness and interest? Join us from the planning stage all through the production stage up till completion!

Public Relations

  • Aspire to be a professional social butterfly who contributes just by being awesome at building a thriving network? With us you can, as we recognize how vital a high level of communication really is!

Graphic Design

  • Able and appreciate the freedom to utilize colors, lines, curves and dots to produce art masterpieces? You will fit right in here where we allow limitless creativity!