Company Overview

First established in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia in February 2007, Harvest Camasu Sdn Bhd specializes in the fields of Information Technology (IT), System Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Augmented Reality and Social Media Management. 


This of course, does not mean that we are only bounded and limited to opportunities involving these fields as our teams consist of highly adventurous people who are more than willing to step up and take on the challenges that we encounter along the path to success.  We are passionate to develop innovative ideas. In fact, we hunger for complex and unique ideas.


Emphasizing the notion of encouraging green living as the company’s ultimate vision, we strongly believe in the matchmaking of creativity and effort in accomplishing the highest quality of results in any and every thing we undertake.

Despite our speed and growth of delivering incredibly flexible range of services and products, Harvest Camasu Sdn Bhd looks forward to challenge greater heights and to bring about the most innovative, cost efficient and Eco-friendly solutions for all your IT and software needs!