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Wallipop connects the offline and online world! With Wallipop, you discover a new revolutionary way to interact with prints. Discover additional digital contents with prints and be amazed. Share with your friends and impress them with Wallipop! Download now and try it on our Ringgit Notes!
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Our mission is to enrich people's life with Wallipop.

Wallipop connects!

Wallipop allows you to connect with your favourite brands or businesses. With Wallipop, not only you can discover additional contents, but also wide range of interactive buttons for you to call, email, share or even get directions! You can also discover promotions or special vouchers too!

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Wallipop opens a new channel for creative drive. The combination of Augmented Reality systems with print provides value beyond what is possible with print-only or digital-only content can do. If you would like to see your favourite brands on Wallipop, let us know by hastag #wallipop on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. With the right amount of suggestions, we are able to convince your favourite brand to join our movement!